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Project in Canada
Recently, our 8-hectare strawberry project in Canada has been successfully completed. The scattering glass used in this project is a kind of glass with high lig...
Jun 19, 2024
Greenhouse construction market continues to experience a slowdown
The greenhouse construction market continues to experience a slowdown. Dutch, Canadian, Spanish builders – all are experiencing the same. Michael Lee from...
Jun 06, 2024
Spring cleaning
Spring cleaningSpring greenhouse cleaning is not just a matter of cleaning the glass, it is to check on the entire operation to ensure it is ready for the peak...
May 21, 2024
Greenhouse studying
Recently, our colleague Niki Lee visited more than a dozen of flower greenhouses in Netherlands. In the greenhouses, flowers were blooming and fragrant, as if t...
Apr 23, 2024
Project delivery of Canada
On the first day of April, the sun is shining and everything is full of vitality. In this vibrant season, our Canadian partner's 话题标签#4mmTemperedDiffuseGla...
Apr 02, 2024
Rose project
Remember our project in Gansu Province? It has now been transformed into a gorgeous sea of roses in full bloom. In January this year, our partners achieved a record-breaking result with the sale of 180,000 roses a day. We are thrilled that our partners have achieved such a fantastic outcome. Let's enjoy these beautiful roses together.
Mar 02, 2024
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