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Our Products
Clear Glass
Non-tempered normal clear/float glass.
Tempered clear glass.
Non-tempered low iron(also known as ultra clear) clear glass.
Tempered low iron clear(also known as ultra clear) glass.
Diffuse Glass
The unique pattern on diffuse glass scatters the sunlight into the greenhouse evenly all over the greenhouse and goes deeper down to the bottom of the plants.
In recent years, diffuse glass gains more and more popularity among greenhouse growers with better light distribution and better climate control, and most importantly, much more yield.
AR Glass
Properties of Sol-gel coatings cover a wide range from soft and weak to hard and tough. The good thing is that sol-gel nonstick coating is free of fluoropolymers, as it is a mixture of materials and as such exhibits the strength of silica while featuring great release and outstanding smoothness without the need for fluoropolymers.
Customized Glass
Some area of a greenhouse requires less light (hence less heat) than growing areas, for instance, packing and storage area. Here at Planti, we have a solution for that, which are, our white coated glass and tinted glass.