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Company Profile
About Planti Inc.
Planti is a professional greenhouse glass manufacturer, processor and growing light manufacturer. With core value being Plenty of Value, Planti strives to create and deliver value added product and service to customers worldwide. Planti has access to the highest-standard glass production facility, years of experience in glass packaging and shipping, world-wide expertise in helping growers choose the correct type of glass for a variety of crops.
Nowadays, Planti supplies glass cleaning agent and growing light for growers to help them to be relieved from their long-term struggle in the daily function of the greenhouse.
Our Team
Chris Lee
Sales Manager
Bilingual speaking, English/Chinese.
With three years greenhouse glass exporting experience, Chris travels a lot to Europe and North American, serving the Dutch greenhouse builders, and Canadian local greenhouse builders, growers. He has an engineering background, which made him capable of understanding technical questions and working out a solution.
Jackie Wei
Sales Representative
Bilingual speaking, English/Chinese.
Proficiency in English, ten years of foreign trade rich experience, engaged in greenhouse glass industry for five years. having the experience of travelling abroad on business. familiar with the Europe and American culture ,good at providing professional and favorable service for customers.
Our Team
Our team is young and energetic. 19.35% of our us are at their 30s, and 70.97% are at their 20s. Our sales team travels around the world to visit customers, projects, testing labs, making sure that our products reach job site safely and well and feeding back our customer’s suggestions and requests to headquarter to make improvements on products and service. Our R&D team spends most of their time indoors and deal with 3D printing machines, test equipment, etc. Our production team works three shifts a day, making it possible for us to load and deliver within agreed timeline. Our logistic team deals with forwarders and shipping lines worldwide.
AR coating line.
Production capability: 30000 s.q.m per day.
Capable of applying AR layer on 1 or 2 sides of the glass.
Raw glass furnace.
Production capability: 15000 s.q.m per day.
Glass process line.
Equipped with: 4 edge grinding machines, 6 drilling machines.
Packaging line.
A team of 18 persons, 3 shifts a day.