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As a professional greenhouse glass supplier, PLANTI can provide customized solutions for all types of glass used on the roof, wall, packing facility, and offices of a greenhouse. Besides the clear, diffuse, and AR-coated glass used on the roof, PLANTI also has a lot of experience with white-coated glass used in packing facilities, tinted various colors glass, double insulated glass for office walls, glass with protective film used on research purposes or small school greenhouses, low-e glass for greenhouse wall, etc. As long as there is a need, there is a solution at PLANTI.
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About Planti Inc
Planti is a professional glass and growing light supplier. With core value being Plenty of Value, Planti strives to create and deliver value added product and service to customers worldwide. Planti has access to the highest-standard glass production facility, years of experience in glass packaging and shipping, world-wide expertise in helping growers choose the correct type of glass for a variety of crops.
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