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With core value being Plenty of Value, planti strives to create and deliver value added product and service to customers worldwide. And we do did it, the fixtures designed by our experienced engineers have lots of differences from others, every unique design has its own special use, every small single design together created the valuable product. Easier to use and install, lower maintain cost, more efficient and longer operating life, that’s what we made and that’s also our original intention. Also the yoyo hook is a real thoughtful product for growers.
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About Planti Inc
It all started with a discussion, that whether we could privde people with the kind of light needed at the right time. So Planti summoned a team to design artificial intelligent (AI) light for residential and office rooms. With the same bulb, Planti light is able to provide light suitable for reading, for working (looking at screens for a long time), sleeping and waking people up by creating light similar to that of sunrise.
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