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Spring cleaning
 Spring cleaning

Spring greenhouse cleaning is not just a matter of cleaning the glass, it is to check on the entire operation to ensure it is ready for the peak season. In addition to finding defects or unnecessary items, spring cleaning can help you identify gaps in your risk management process and address security issues.

Here are some basic steps you can take to help reduce risk and keep your greenhouse tidy:
1️⃣. Clean up water stains: prevent customers and employees from slipping  due to the water stains.

2️⃣. Tidy up materials: place heavy and large items at the bottom of the display shelf, and stack boxes and exhibits in an orderly manner.

3️⃣. Dredge the walkway: move the plants, exhibits and other items out of the crowded area.

4️⃣. Storage equipment: Tools and other items shall be put back, and shall not be placed on the sidewalk.

5️⃣. Keep the floor clean: do not stack boxes, tools and other items on stairs, corridors and exits.

6️⃣. Clean up the garbage: ensure that the environment is clean and avoid the accumulation of garbage.

7️⃣. Avoid overloading: Control the loading capacity of garbage bins, shelves or storage areas.

8️⃣. Enhance lighting: Enhance the atmosphere of the environment and ensure clear vision.

9️⃣. Check safety facilities: ensure that sprinklers, fire extinguishers and exit routes are accessible.