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How do glass greenhouse cope with snow weather? Improper management will lead to lose of yield or even damage of crops, so what should be done to deal with the snow in winter? 1. Strengthen the key parts of the greenhouse glass to prevent the collapse due to heavy snow. 2. Remove the snow in time to reduce the load. 3. Add extra film to keep warmth before the snow coming. 4. Take measures to have more lights, for example using artificial lights. 5. Control humidity. Clear the snow around the greenhouse in time to ensure smooth drainage. 6. Prevent crop diseases. Leaf disea
Feb 28, 2023
Glass delivered on site After a long travel on the water, our glass has successfully arrived on site in Belgium, it means the greenhouse will be soon built up. This is a 25 thousand square meters greenhouse, the tomato crops will gain enough light to grow quickly under the high transmittance greenhouse glass from PLANTI. This is what we want to bring to our customers, already smells the taste of tomato! PLANTI wish all the growers big success on the growing season!
Feb 28, 2023
PLANTI greenhouse glass creates sustainable value for customers
PLANTI greenhouse glass creates sustainable value for customers. We are excited to announce that PLANTI has supplied 500 hectares greenhouse glass for growers wo...
Oct 18, 2022
Are you cultivating in a venlo greenhouse?
Glass greenhouse will provide suitable climate for growing full year round. Thanks to the closed glass house environment, crops can avoid from bad weather and ...
Sep 20, 2022
Did you put the right surface of your diffuse glass facing outside?
Did you put the right surface of your diffuse glass facing outside? As we all know that the 2 sides of diffuse glass is different, one side is smooth and the...
Aug 16, 2022
How to correctly low cool down the greenhouse?
Hot, hot, hot☀......, remember to cool your greenhouse. It’s been extremely hot recently, Planti suggest cooling your greenhouse more often to avoid high temperature and loss of yield.
Aug 16, 2022
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