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How to store the glass before glazing?
How to store the glass before glazing? 

When the glass arrived at the project site, how should it be properly stored?
Here's Planti's suggestion: 

1️⃣ The packages must be well sealed; 
2️⃣ The storage environment must be dry; 
3️⃣ The glass should be put at least 10CM away from the ground to prevent moisture returning;
4️⃣ Avoid direct sunlight, because the seal is tight, and direct sunlight is likely to produce water droplets;
5️⃣ If not going to use it in a short time, please store the glass inside your warehouse. If it’s outside stored, the water proof cover is a must to protect the glass from rain;
6️⃣ Place warning sign on the package to avoid unnecessary collisions;