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How Much Glass Can a Container Hold?
How is the glass loaded into the container, and how much glass can a container hold?

The cargo is 45 tons, how many containers are needed? What type of container?

How should glass of different sizes be loaded in the container?


Yes, I believe you have many such questions. So how much glass can a container hold? And how to find the suitable loading solution?

Currently, for most countries and regions, their weight limit for cargo is 21.5 tons. The weight requirements of the American line are relatively strict. The weight limit is mainly affected by the weight limit of the inland highway in the United States. The general weight limit is 17.2 tons, and the maximum allowable weight is 19.5 tons. Because the glass is a heavy cargo, the size of the container generally selected is 20-foot container. If a 40-foot container is used, the weight limit will be exceeded before the container is full, which will cause the problem of wasted space and eccentric loading of the container.

As we all know, the glass specification used in the greenhouse is 4mm glass. Under the condition of weight limit, a 20-foot container can generally load about 1850-2050 square meters of 4mm glass. How much glass can be loaded in a container mainly depends on the width of the glass, because the glass exported abroad is packed in cubic plug boxes, the width of the glass determines the height of the packaging, and also determines how the goods are placed.

For example, for glass with a main size of 2112*1245mm used in greenhouses, if a container is full, it can hold 950 pieces of glass, that is nearly 2500 square meters of glass. In this way, the weight limit is actually exceeded. In this case, Planti will choose glass with a smaller width to match the container, and finally make the loading capacity close to the weight limit.

At the same time, there are also some projects with small glass width, which leads to the fact that even if the container is full, there is only about 1,300 square meters of glass. This situation has also been encountered in practice. In this case, we will stack the glass with a width of less than 600mm. Our company does not allow stacking of glass with a width greater than 600mm, because the height of the two-layer plug box will be too high after adding the packaging height, which will cause hidden safety problems. Even so, Planti rarely stacks glass. For the sake of safety, Planti has very strict stacking standards and requirements, such as stacked glass packaging, the proportion of the total height of stacked glass and the height of adjacent glass as well as how to reinforce, etc.

Practice has proved that not all projects can perfectly occupy the minimum number of containers. The experts of our shipping and packaging team will calculate the optimal container loading plan for each project.