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A Canadian customer came to visit us
Last week a Canadian customer came to visit us. On Monday our guest first visited our R&D center of growing light department in Shenzhen , after that he also went to check the light factory and production facilities. On Wednesday he arrived at our glass factory in Henan Provenience, together with factory manager they took a tour inside the raw sheet glass plant and the new plant for tempering and coating.

When checking tempering line, with assistance of our QC staff, our guest did a tempering quality test by breaking up a big glass pane himself and checked the broken pieces carefully. There are several pieces glass picked out by our QC staff which has very tiny white mark on glass surface and has been judged as unqualified according to their opinion, the production manager invited our sales and our customer to check the selected glass, however none of them found any defects. Our guest said to us :  you guys are too picky.

Except glass and light factory, He also visited other factories and a modern agricultural greenhouse in Beijing accompanied by Planti colleague.